Munich Plan – Street Register

The Munich Plan – Street Register is a research program, which examines present and historically significant sites in the city of Munich. Investigation and survey address the important role the ground floor and character of streets plays as the link between urban space and building within the urban structure. The programme takes the form of an on-going survey to examine big parts of central Munich. As in the figure ground drawing of the Nolli Plan for Rome or Aldo Rossi’s plan of Zurich, the structure and evolution of the city lies at the centre of the study. The survey Street Register complete the urban research.

Each semester students examine an area of the city. Existing data is to retrieve, and site investigations and survey of the Street Register are made to given guidelines. Significant emphasis is placed on the graphic representation and the analysis of the given block and especially careful made photographs show the urban reality. The art of research is central to this study and you have to be capable to analyse, draw and photograph in the best way.

Winter Semester:
Munich Plan – Exhibition preparation (UE)
Lecture series – The Art of Inhabitation (VL)


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