Technische Universität München
Department of Architecture
Chair for urbanism and housing
Prof. Krucker, Prof. Bates
Arcisstrasse 21
80333 München
+49 (0)89 289 22311

Bachelor / Thesis Project

At the centre of the Bachelor course is a design project run over the course of a semester. The project, framed within a thematic investigation, is carried out in small groups, each contributing to a wider group study of a given situation. A specific neighbourhood or context is chosen in Munich within which students act on a variety of sites.

The focus is in the design of buildings, interiors and urban spaces from strategic thinking to construction detail. The course encourages a growing sensitivity to the character of the city and how the design of a building engages with the wider character of the urban context.

The Professors are supported by Assistant Claudia Duell-Buchecker and a number of part-time Junior assistants who are practicing architects in the city. Alongside the design project a lecture series is run addressing related themes.

WS 2017/18

Inside the block
Courtyard living in Munich

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